Are you thinking about purchasing or opening a retail fueling business?

Apr - 06
UST on trailer

Are you thinking about purchasing or opening a retail fueling business?

Things to consider about UST’s before going into business.

If you are considering purchasing or opening a retail fueling business, you need to familiarize yourself with laws and regulations that must be followed to keep the UST tanks in compliance. Every state has slightly different requirements for regulating USTs.  You should be familiar with the requirements in YOUR state.  To find out exactly what your state laws are contact your local bureau of underground storage tanks.  Otherwise known as BUSTR in Ohio.

As a UST owner, you will have many responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • The tanks must be properly registered with the state (including notification when the property changes hands or if it’s decided to later close or replace any of the USTs)
  • It is owner responsibility to recognize and follow state UST regulations, including state or federally-mandated upgrades to the tank system or piping.
  • You are responsible for completing UST Operator Training, if required by your state.
  • Corrosion protection is a must
  • UST’s require monthly monitoring
  • Leaks must be detected quickly, before contamination spreads.
  • Records of leaks, maintenance, inspections, repairs, etc. must be kept
  • ANY release requires cleaning up and is the UST owner responsibility.
  • You must pay for the cleanup of any releases. Tank owners are required to demonstrate financial responsibility, proving that they will be able to fund a cleanup, if required. Many states have insurance programs or trust funds for UST owners that can assist with paying for cleanups, providing the tanks are in compliance and all appropriate regulations are followed.

If you have concerns regarding a UST contact us for assistance.



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